#Metaltiger holding gives exposure to 9 gold investment opportunities. #MTR #Gold #GGP

Analysts and Chartists predicting that gold is going to re-rate upwards.

Many follow what these ‘experts’ say and this can become a self-fulfilling prophesy. The herd arrive and the share prices goes up.

The Swiss Cheese model suggests that when everything aligned the unexpected happens. The share price rise could therefore when it happens according to the theory be significant.


1. Resource  

Metal Tiger have investments in the following companies involved in gold exploration.

Arkle Resources 9.67m shares

Los Cerros 2.5m shares

IMetal Resources £670k investment

Sandfire Resources 6.57m shares

Greatland Gold 9m shares

Auurlius Minerals 2m shares

Southern Gold 22m shares

Beta Resources 9.99%

Sable resources 1m shares

+ investments that haven’t been announced to the market.


2. Countries of operation.

The 9 known investments are in Columbia, Ireland, Canada, Australia, Chile and Mexico. This is a diverse area of operations.The following graphic highlights Metal Tigers Gold interests.

3. Share prices are heading North

In the month of April the following notable gains have happened to the share prices of the companies MTR are invested.

  1. Los Cerros 160%
  2. Greatland Gold 89%
  3. Arkle Resources 42%
  4. Sable Resources 25%
  5. Sandfire Resources 15%

It remains to be seen if these movements will impact the Metal Tiger share price or indeed be replicated in May.



Mice are nibbling around the edges buying MTR shares, preparing for the possible share price rerate. The cheese holes are all aligning, many LTH’s are about to reap the rewards.

The share price rerate will be quick.

Where else for one investment can you get exposure to 9 gold plays?

#Metaltiger investments in #Cobre and Pan Asia Metals both progressing well. #MTR #PAM #SAU

Recent announcements by Cobre, Southern Gold and Pan Asia Metals (PAM) have provided more information regarding Metal Tigers investments.

Metal Tiger investment partners are providing enough pointers indicating their businesses are growing fast and poised to deliver significant value for shareholders.

Numerous investors, including myself are pleased the share price doesn’t yet reflect the value of the assets, as this has enabled many to significantly increase their holding.

Unknowingly sometimes those that knock the business do those invested a favour. When you do the research you can see the bigger picture.


Metal Tiger own 7.6% of PAM (Proactive Investors research note indicates 7.5%) 17.1% of Southern Gold and 19.9% of Cobre.

Cobre update indicates since the recent IPO, drilling results have been very positive.

Schwabe drilling confirmed high grade VHMS mineralisation containing copper, zinc, gold and silver at shallow depth.

Zinco Largo identified disseminated and stockwork base metals.

Ground electromagnetic surveys underway.

For full Cobre report (see here).

Pan Asia Metals research note indicates have identified district scale anomalies in soils with highly elevated Tungsten. Next step is a tungsten maiden resource estimate and scoping study.

For full report click here.

For the Southern Gold update click here.

Cobre news and Thor share price movement good for Metal Tiger. No wonder share price risen by 47% in April. #MTR $CBE #THR

Metal Tiger maintain their 19.99% investment in Cobre with further cash injection into the business.

Read announcement here.

What does this say about Metal Tigers view of the business when they have 19.99% of the business the maximum allowed under ASX rules?

Remember Terry Gammer is a NED of Metal Tiger. He discovered the Cosmos Nickel deposit for Jubilee Mines which went on to be an ASX Top 200 company.

Terry is involved in all investment decisions made by Metal Tiger.

Thor Mining share price is also steadily increasing. Could this because of the recent tweet by Stirling Bridge Resources indicating gold was completely ignored?

The Metal Tiger portfolio of investments is growing. The following graphic indicates what we know. When we get the next update from Metal Tiger what else will we be advised about their investments?

If just one investment delivers, Terry Gammer could be responsible for assisting another company in becoming an ASX 200 company.

Share price of Metal Tiger currently 1.55p a rise of 47% in April.

Metal Tiger assets and share price correlation #MTR

Metal Tiger share price continues to have no correlation to the assets of the business. The following graphic indicates the share price is 10% less than the known tangible assets of the business.

This makes no sense when you consider this doesn’t take into account the 2% Net Smelter Royalty Metal Tiger have negotiated with Sandfire and now, also with Kalahari.

This graphic indicates the value of each part of the Metal Tiger portfolio.

Investors Chronicle have Metal Tiger as a bargain share for 2020. Read the full article here.

This is an extract from the article:

Not only do the shares trade on a 25 per cent discount to the company’s last reported fully diluted NAV per share of 1.71p, but there is massive hidden value in the balance sheet, too. Furthermore, following last autumn’s takeover of Australia-listed MOD Resources by Sandfire Resources (Aus:SFR), a A$1bn market capitalisation cash-rich and dividend-paying Australia-based mining and exploration company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, Metal Tiger now holds 6.3m shares in Sandfire, which have a current market value of A$36.3m (£18.8m) on which the company earns a tidy A$1.5m (£0.8m) annual dividend. Metal Tiger received a £540,000 final dividend from Sandfire shortly after the MOD Resources takeover completed at the tail end of last year.

In effect, the value of the Sandfire stake and net cash on Metal Tiger’s balance sheet backs up all of the company’s market capitalisation of £19.6m, leaving the rest of its investment portfolio in the price for free. That’s anomalous as it implies there is nil value in Metal Tiger’s other seven listed holdings which have a combined value of £3m, nor any value in its unlisted holdings which I calculate have an aggregate value of £8.5m based on their acquisition cost, latest earn-in valuations or read-through valuations based on recent transaction multiples.

By my reckoning after accounting for the A$2.4m (£1.3m) Metal Tiger has invested in last week’s Australian Stock Exchange IPO of Cobre Pty(Aus:CBEXX), a company offering exposure to the Perrinvale copper project in Western Australia, its total investment portfolio net of all liabilities is worth around £31.9m, or 63 per cent more than its own market capitalisation.

Interestingly, the share price has traded in a tight range between 1p and 1.65p for the past 13 months, a breakout above 1.65p would confirm completion of the base formation and support a move towards the June 2018 highs north of 3p. Bargain buy.

Metal Tiger is beginning to be recognised by the market for what it is with for example backing from Rick Rule of Sprott Inc.

Will the next announcement from MTR be about the IPO for Pan Asia Metals or another strategic investment?

Metal Tiger a share with great potential #MTR

Metal Tiger is an investment company focused on the minerals exploration sector.

Metal Tigers main success to date has been their investment in MOD Resources which resulted in MTR acquiring 3.64% of Sandfire Resources as well as an uncapped 2% net smelter royalty.

This is a perfect example of what MTR can achieve when one of their investments delivers. As can be seen from the graphic below Metal Tiger have many other investments that could deliver more of the same.

Graph indicates value of asset 18th Feb 2020

At sometime in the future the BOD will want to make significant returns from their time and investment in building the MTR portfolio of projects. Unlike private investors they can’t sell their shares as this would be detrimental to the share price.

They will therefore need to sell the business or opt for a special dividend. Whatever happens this will be a significant event for shareholders.

Looking at the portfolio MTR have some investments that could potentially provide a significant uplift to the share price. For example:

Greatland Gold

In February (18th Feb) MTR’s shares had a market value of (9m shares @ 5.08p) £457k. Today the shares are trading at 7.5p giving a market value of £675k. That’s an increase of 47% in 2 months.

Not bad when shares are under pressure from the impact of Covid19.

Sandfire Resources

In February MTR’s investment valued at £16.6m (based on exchange rate at the time and share price of AUD$ 5.7). Today this investment has a value of AUD$ 4.08, a reduction of 29%.

This reduction is due in my opinion to the impact of Covid19. In the period Sandfire assets have increased. The share price you would therefore expect to exceed the share price in February once Covid19 under control.

In the same period MTR’s 2% Net Smelt Royalties have potentially become more valuable due to discoveries made by Sandfire.


Metal Tiger are well placed to offer significant returns for shareholders. No wonder Investors Chronicle has MTR as a share to watch in 2020 and MTR’s CEO has bought 2.5m shares in the business in the last few weeks.